Foraged & Sown organic Ohio farm

flavor-focused, certified organic

berry and culinary herb farm

growing and foraging in Central Ohio

Foraged & Sown is a work of creative food production. Put simply, we aim to share fresh flavors, grown sustainably.

Since 2015, we’ve farmed two certified organic acres of herbs, vegetables, and berries on multiple growing sites around Central Ohio. We are first-generation, female farmers committed to environmentally- and socially-just practices.

Our dual focus on cultivated and foraged produce allows us to bring a broad range of herbs, fruits, greens and roots to the Clintonville Farmers’ Market and restaurants. We minimize waste and create business sustainability by using compostable seedling pots and drying harvested herbs for processing into teas and salt blends.

We are building a system of high-quality certified organic annual and perennial herbs, berries and nuts in our gardens in the North Linden neighborhood of Columbus Ohio. Our foraging ethic follows Leave No Trace principles and leans heavily on research and monitoring for each crop harvested to ensure true sustainability.


Kate Hodges The flavor finder of Foraged & Sown, Kate has been gardening her whole life and foraging for much of it. She finds herself enamored equally with cultivated and wild flavors.

As farmer, you'll find her building perennial systems and carefully harvesting to ensure plant vigor. As forager, you'll find her traversing different terrains in search of greens, berries, nuts and roots.

Rachel Tayse Known throughout Central Ohio as a local foods connector, Rachel fills many roles in the small farming economy. She stays grounded by serving as Foraged and Sown’s garden manager while finding inspiration cultivating relationships with chefs and retailers.

foraged&sown grows organically on the northeast side of Columbus, Ohio