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Thank you for considering adding our herb and berry seedlings to your garden!

Our certified organic transplants are carefully potted in nutritious organic soil and hardened off at the farm in Central Ohio. They are ready to plant after the last frost date, or sooner if you watch for cold weather and cover them. Here's how:

Extra herbs can be dried for tea.

Extra herbs can be dried for tea.

Basic Care

1. Plant seedling in its compostable coir/fabric pot. Be sure to fully cover the pot with soil so it doesn't wick moisture from the ground. 

2. Water seedlings well in their first few weeks of life in your garden. After that, look for signs of droopy leaves to indicate that a plant needs watering.

3. Raspberries benefit from trellising or tying up to a fence.

4. Harvest leafy herbs, flowers and berries frequently. They will put on more growth and you'll enjoy more fruit than the wildlife if you are picking daily. Drop berries in the freezer and hang herbs to dry if you can't use them fresh.

5. Mulch tender perennial herbs like lavender, parsley, and rosemary for best chance of keeping them alive over the winter.

6. Prune back spent berry canes in the fall for production the following summer. Prune currants, thinning branches if they cross, in mid-winter.


All of our herbs and berries will thrive in full sun with even watering and well drained soil. Some are more sensitive than others (basil is especially particular) but many are adaptable to various conditions.

Here are some good matches for trouble spots:

Wet - mints, sorrel, bergamot

Dry - lavender, rosemary, hibiscus, lemon verbena

Shady - mints, thyme, savory, currants, raspberries

This parsley happily overwintered in a shadier spot covered with leaves

This parsley happily overwintered in a shadier spot covered with leaves



We love to talk plants at our Clintonville Farmers' Market booth. Find us on High St between Dunedin and Oakland Park Saturdays weekly April 28 thru June 30 & September 8 thru November 17 from 9 am - noon. 

Alternatively, email or use the contact form on this website to reach us directly.

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