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Foraged & Sown Produce Now Certified Organic!


All herbs, berries, and vegetables grown by Foraged & Sown on our three growing sites are now certified organic. 

The certification process is a national standard that requires documentation of seed orders, inputs, growing and handling practices, and adequate buffers to nearby land. The documentation is reviewed by the certifying organization (the Ohio Ecological Food and Farming Association in our case) and our farms were inspected by an independent inspector. 

Because Foraged & Sown has followed organic practices all along, our customers won't notice much of a difference in our produce. We will grow the same varieties of seedlings, fertilize and tend the gardens in the same way (with as much on-farm compost and hand-tool use as possible), and bring fresh, full-flavored herbs, berries, and more to market. Our behind-the-scenes record keeping is simply a bit more rigorous and we'll explore some additional sales outlets now that we're certified.

Our organic certification costs this year, $850, were completely covered by the USDA cost-share program which reimburses 75% of the cost of certification to farmers, and the Clintonville Farmers' Market organic program. We are grateful for the support of these entities and the staff at the Ohio Ecological Food and Farming Association who patiently guided us through the application and review process.



Columbus Urban Farm Foraged & Sown Wins Federal Farm Grant

Will grow their sustainably-grown, handmade herbal tea and salt blend business


COLUMBUS OHIO (November 15, 2016) US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack recently announced 2016 USDA Rural Development grant awardees including just two recipients in Ohio. Kate Hodges and Rachel Tayse of Columbus urban farm Foraged & Sown are among this year's Value Added Producer selection, for their project Preserving Wild Flavors and Nordic Traditions.

“I’ve always been intrigued by heirloom and lesser known crops, and that curiosity steered me naturally towards the pursuit of new flavors,” says Hodges. She began Foraged & Sown to provide culinary herbs, berries, and produce to Clintonville Farmers’ Market customers. Tayse and Hodges manage market gardens using organic practices on three properties in the North Linden neighborhood of Columbus and forage private property in the surrounding area to supplement their cultivated offerings with wild foods like paw paws, acorn flour, and ramps.

To complement their fresh produce, Hodges and Tayse dry some herbs for tea and salt blends. Their $17,000 USDA award will allow them to expand this work through use of a commercial kitchen, marketing and small business support, and a 2017 study tour of Norway and Finland.

“We're interested in putting the culture back in agriculture,” Tayse says. That's why she and Hodges proposed visiting farms and processors in Scandinavia, where there are strong traditions for preserving unique flavors and where both women have family ties.

Foraged & Sown will use Facebook and Instagram document their discoveries in Norway and Finland during peak harvest season and as they navigate expansion of the teas and salt blends. Taste their offerings at the Clintonville Farmers’ Market, Boline Apothecary, City Folk’s Farm Shop and on locally-sourced restaurant menus at GoreMade Pizza, Skillet RUF, Rook’s Tavern, and more.


About Foraged & Sown:

Foraged & Sown is a work of adventurous urban food production. Farmers Kate Hodges and Rachel Tayse are building a system of high-quality annual and perennial herbs, berries and nuts in their gardens while enriching the earth with organic practices in the North Linden neighborhood of Columbus Ohio. The produce, herbal teas, and salt blends are available at Clintonville Farmers’ Market, local restaurants, and retailers.


foraged&sown grows on the northeast side of Columbus, Ohio