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Foraged & Sown Produce Now Certified Organic!


All herbs, berries, and vegetables grown by Foraged & Sown on our three growing sites are now certified organic. 

The certification process is a national standard that requires documentation of seed orders, inputs, growing and handling practices, and adequate buffers to nearby land. The documentation is reviewed by the certifying organization (the Ohio Ecological Food and Farming Association in our case) and our farms were inspected by an independent inspector. 

Because Foraged & Sown has followed organic practices all along, our customers won't notice much of a difference in our produce. We will grow the same varieties of seedlings, fertilize and tend the gardens in the same way (with as much on-farm compost and hand-tool use as possible), and bring fresh, full-flavored herbs, berries, and more to market. Our behind-the-scenes record keeping is simply a bit more rigorous and we'll explore some additional sales outlets now that we're certified.

Our organic certification costs this year, $850, were completely covered by the USDA cost-share program which reimburses 75% of the cost of certification to farmers, and the Clintonville Farmers' Market organic program. We are grateful for the support of these entities and the staff at the Ohio Ecological Food and Farming Association who patiently guided us through the application and review process.

foraged&sown grows organically on the northeast side of Columbus, Ohio